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According to some people YES ?

But in my eyes and a lot of others NO ?


Second Chance is under critisim for helping save lifes of dogs that are not being put down but SLAUGHTERED.

For the first time ever I am going to tell you information about my rescue and at the end of all this if you believe I should Close my rescue doors then I will as I am only human and all I have ever wanted to do was to die knowing I have helped as many animals as possible from this very cruel world we live in.

All this is coming to light as certain people think that I am importing dogs from Ireland only and I am not giving a monkeys about any dog in England and that by me doing this I am creating a problem in England for the stray dogs.

FIRSTLY the dogs coming from Ireland are part of the UK so why is it a problem whether the dogs come from England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland as long as it is being saved and rescued and getting into a new loving home.

Certain people disagree with me taking the ex breeding dogs from Ireland WHY ?

These poor, neglected and severly trumatised animals are disregarded as a broken part once they have reached there "end of line ". But they do not need to be killed.

The owners of puppy farms do not humainly euthanise these dogs to give them some dignity NO they SLAUGHTER them, by this I mean if the dog is lucky it is taken from it's shed/barn and a bullet is put into it's head but the most common way is the dog is grabbed by it scruff of it's neck and met by a plank of thick wood that will strike it several times until it is dead, then the lifeless blood pouring body is chucked into a barrow with others and then buried in a mass hole.

Do you think this is right to end a dog's life this way ? I DONT. 

I got involved by answering an email over 4 years ago stating there were dogs in Ireland being killed due to no more space being available in current rescue homes in Ireland and that as long as transport cost were met rehoming centres in England, Scotland and Wales could take these dogs. I replied to say i would like to help and for the transporter or rescue's to contact me.

A week later a transporter contacted me to ask where we were as he had been asked to take some of the dogs out to rehoming centre's so I asked him how many there was and he replied " as many as they will let me take". I honestly did not know at this stage just how bad it was in Ireland.

I asked the transporter what we have to pay and he said he will work out how much the ferry is, petrol cost and then he will split it between the rescues who are taking the dogs so it's it only a small charge to each rescue. i thought that was fair as basicaly he just wanted is expenses paid.

A few days later I got a call to say the van was loaded and i was second drop off so he would be here for lunchtime, I was so nervous as still at this stage I didnt know what was coming or how many, The next day the van arrived and i opened the doors to see cage after cage. I clearly remember the smell, it hit me, I have never smelt anything like it, Then i noticed the eyes looking at me but nothing moves, I just did'nt know where to start.

There were 15 dogs on this van and I said was I to take all of them he said yes if possible, I just stood still staring thinking oh my god, as i started to get them out the smell got worse, some would wee over me as i lifted them out and some just froze and refused to move, I ask him why was the dogs allowed to get in that state and why was he bringing dogs in such bad condition and not saying anything to them where they came from he replied " if questions were asked the dogs will die simple ". I just thought I will sort it out later the priority was to get the dogs some water and food and to get them checked.

Over a few days I just could'nt believe these poor dogs they were scared, lifeless and traumatised. I began getting them checked over and started worming and de fleaing and vaccinating but i could see that there was a nice loving dog inside just crying to get out.

Months had passed and by now a couple of transporters were ringing to see if we had space from time to time, Then one day I had a call to say that one of the transporters had gone into one of the puppy farms to collect puppies to deliver down to a pet shop in London, and had seen a mass heap of dead dogs he asked the worker how many there were and he told him there was about 100 that has just been killed that day, he asked the worker why had they not gone to rehoming centre and he replied " because none of the irish rescue has space ". This really got to the transporter and he told him he must ring one of them up in future to see if any of them have room even if it was just for 1 to get it into a rehoming centre in England or wales.

The transporters got together to gather up rescue centres to help save these poor dogs from that cruel ending.

It is Second Chance policy to rescue any dog possibly under threat of being destroyed through no fault of it's own no matter where it is from.

Certain people currantly are trying to say that because I am helping these dogs from Ireland I am not giving any help to any stray dog in the UK and I am causing the UK stray dog population to get worse, by me taking approx 20 to 30 dogs a month from Ireland I really can't see how this is causing a massive problem.

Firstly a stray dog does not need rescueing, it is picked up by a dog warden, taken to a council contracted holding kennels where the council will pay for it kenneling and keep for 7/8 days.
After which the council will either sign the dog over to the care of the kennels for them to rehome or if the kennels are full they will authorise for the dog to be put down if no home has been sought. It is then the dog needs to be rescued and if we get a notification of this and we believe that the dog could be safe to go back into the community we will have it transferred to Second Chance to get a new home.

A rescue kennels to me is where they will take the animal in without getting paid for it and geting the relavent care needed for the animal and then accesed for suitable adoption and no matter how long that animal is there is never gets put down just because the kennels are full.

Second Chance does not just take Irish dogs, it takes from members of the public that can no longer keep them for whatever reason and dogs that are on death row from kennels on England, Scotland and Wales. We are not the only rescue that takes dogs from Ireland there are many others.

We know the dogs are not perfect but a dog would not be in rescue if it was perfect.

We have seen some very traumactic things doing rescue work over the years but I am proud of how many dogs I have saved and how many people thank me for there dog, I have always said you cant please everyone in this world and that is true but I know in my heart of hearts I try my best for the animals. 

Some people come to our rescue and love it and some hate it thats life. We have put everything into the rescue and built the site up from nothing have alook at our video to see the kennels as they are today, we have come a long way in the 5 years we have been here and we want to do more but we can only do it with your suport.

We would love to be able to do a big campaign to close the Irish puppy farms down but sadly due to there laws it is made so easy for them to keep breeding and untill the law gets tougher all we can do is help get as many of these poor dogs out.



I was highlighted early in 2013 about dogs being slaughtered, brutally killed and even starved to death, if they were really lucky they would be put to sleep of a slow death with anti freeze being injected into them.

I agreed to help some rescue groups and we saw the first group of rommie dogs arrived early summer 2013, they were such a happy bunch of dogs, very strange and stood out from our english dogs so to speak.

After having a few of them over we noticed a pattern in behaviour, and some very heart wrenching problems, i felt that as a rescue if i was to do this properly to help them i should go a visit Romania and see the real issue and how i could help the dogs better, i was so shocked at my finding that a EU country was allowing this to happen, Death Camps, These kill shelters were there full of anything between 200 and 800 dogs, the smell was gut wrenching, the sadness was permanant mental torture, i really had thought i had seen it all untill i can to Romania.

Again I find myself being heavily slated for my help with these dogs, but I have worked hard for these dogs, I have taken time out there taking them from kill shelters and placing them into secure kennels untill they are ready to travel.

Each Romanian dog cost's the rescue on average £300 to bring to the uk, as we have to pay at least one months kennels fees at a private sheter to look after them, the dog has to have its normal vaccination, rabies vaccination, worm and flea treatment, microchipping, neutering, passport cost and then the cost of the preperation of all of this. 

Now this isnt cheap but believe me when you have been there and have to go through over 300 dogs to pick just probably 6 that is the hardest thing to do and you dont about the cost you just want to save them and get them out there and then.


Now 2014 has been such a difficult time for us, our land which we have leased since 2006 has now been given planning permission to build on, with this now in motion we have to relocate or close, 

After everything i have done for rescue dogs there is no way i can shut the gates for a final time, my whole family have been involved with me in rescue, they have helped me through so much sadness, picked me up and told me i must carry on, so for my love of dogs i will continue and hopefully in time before the end of the year we will manage to find somewhere to move too,

In the meantime my rescue work in Romania has been so busy and rewarding, it has seen me rescue lots and lots of dogs, i have had some very sad time as some of my rescue dogs have died out there whilst awaiting to come over, this in itself has really taken effect on me, the cruelty in Romania never gets any better, it honestly gets worse every week, In July this year i went and purchased a van and had it kitted out all professionaly so i can do reguler trip for my dogs and any other rescue that needs to bring dogs back, i found that these dogs dont have time on there side and as soon as they have done there 21 days from having there rabies injections, we must get them out, 

I am working everyday now to save so many dogs from here in the Uk, Ireland and all over Europe, people still say " why" am i doing it, but until you have been out there and seen it for yourself no one will really understand it, 

Please help me and keep following my footsteps in helping dogs from all over the world, 

Many thanks to everyone that does help and supports me xxxxxxx

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