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According to some people YES ?  But in my eyes and a lot of others NO ?


Second Chance is under critisim for helping save lifes of dogs that are not being put down but SLAUGHTERED.

For the first time ever I am going to tell you information about my rescue and at the end of all this if you believe I should Close my rescue doors then I will as I am only human and all I have ever wanted to do was to die knowing I have helped as many animals as possible from this very cruel world we live in.

All this is coming to light as certain people think that I am importing dogs from Ireland only and I am not giving a monkeys about any dog in England and that by me doing this I am creating a problem in England for the stray dogs.

FIRSTLY the dogs coming from Ireland are part of the UK so why is it a problem whether the dogs come from England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland as long as it is being saved and rescued and getting into a new loving home.

Certain people disagree with me taking the ex breeding dogs from Ireland WHY ?

These poor, neglected and severly trumatised animals are disregarded as a broken part once they have reached there "end of line ". But they do not need to be killed.

The owners of puppy farms do not humainly euthanise these dogs to give them some dignity NO they SLAUGHTER them, by this I mean if the dog is lucky it is taken from it's shed/barn and a bullet is put into it's head but the most common way is the dog is grabbed by it scruff of it's neck and met by a plank of thick wood that will strike it several times until it is dead, then the lifeless blood pouring body is chucked into a barrow with others and then buried in a mass hole.